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We have an ultra-modern infrastructure and a proprietary manufacturing process, developed in-house. Our main manufacturing plant of 50281 sq. meters is strategically located at the industrial area in Rajkot, India. Esteem Auto has always been an industry leader in adopting latest technologies like world class induction hardening facility, Automation in CNC workshop and fully automatic carousels in Foundry.


Centrifugal Foundry

We are using multi station heavy duty indexing machine used for Centrifugal Casting. It consist of a set of 8 spinning molds/dies mounted on rotary Indexing table with heavy load capacity and other associated robots. These eight molds pass through different station like pouring, cooling, extraction, cleaning and coating. After all these operation mold comes back to the pouring station. The whole operations are controlled by a control panel.

Shell Moulding Foundry

Shell molding is an expendable mold casting process that uses resin covered sand to form a mold. As compared to sand casting this process has better dimensional accuracy, a higher productivity rate and lower labor requirement. This process Provides customer with the best quality Air-Water cooled blocks. Specially designed Core Shooter shoot the sand in the complicated shape of core box.

Green Sand Foundry

We are fully dedicated to comprehending and fulfilling the quality requirements and anticipations of all our clients. Our strong reputation for delivering top-notch casting, showcases our commitment to quality. Additionally, we possess a high-pressure molding line from Tokyu, Japan and state-of-the-art laboratory testing facilities. We have Flask Less Molding Machines That Extract The Mold After Being Shaped. The Tokyu Machine box size Is 510 X 610 X 20 With 120 Molds/Hour Production Rate. Bunch Weight Up To 50 Kg.


Our manufacturing facility is meticulously designed to optimize efficiency, precision, and safety in the production process. This includes state-of-the-art machinery lines automated with gantry system tailored for various components. Specialized tools and equipment s like auto gauging and auto offset are integrated to ensure the highest quality standards are met, with stringent quality control measures implemented at every stage.

The machining department is the core of precision engineering, where raw materials are transformed into intricate components. This department's infrastructure is carefully designed to accommodate a range of machining processes, including turning, milling, drilling, grinding, and more.


For higher productivity, accuracy and to avoid wall thickness variations, we perform Vertical ID and OD proof machining on a single reference in SPM Machine.


To achieve the productivity and quality, the final machining of all the liners are done In CNC turning center. They are designed to use modern carbide tooling and fully utilize modern process.


To meet with the demand of fast drill-tapping. We have high speed rotating bed drill-tapping VMC Machine. For continuous operations with greater productivity.


For seamless working of piston and rings inside the cylinders our products are honed in high accuracy German Plateau Honing machines from NAGEL, which not only maintains tight dimensional tolerances, but also produces the best in class honing pattern that meets Euro 6 emission standards.


Packing department is responsible for prepping material and labeling it for outgoing shipments. This involves boxes and pallets to pack products inside them safely for transport, so they do not break during transit.