green sand casting

We have proprietary process, developed in-house, to produce highest quality of  centrifugal casting, shell Mold casting,Green Sand Casting And  Investment Casting.

Centrifugal Casting

By using Centrifugal Castings can be made pipes, flywheel, Cylinder liner and other axi-symmetric parts  in almost any length, diameter and Different wall thickness.

Shell Molding Casting

You can build Very large parts with Complex and accurate shapes like Cylinder head, connecting rod, Engine blocks and manifolds with fine details and "Good" surface finish.

Green Sand Casting

You can find green sand castings in everything from engine blocks and flywheels to pump housings and ship parts. it's provide "Medium" surface finish.

Investment Casting

Investment casting is used in the Aerospace and Power Generation industries to produce turbine blades with complex shapes or cooling systems because it's provide "Excellent" surface finish.